Electronic Consent and Disclosure

This page contains information pertaining to the disclosure of consumer protections covering business transactions completed electronically on this web site.

  1. Completion of your registration details (by entering your self-selected PIN) confirms your affirmation that you consent to electronically receive records and transact business on this site.

  2. Your electronic records may be accessed via a standard internet browser running on a personal computer running such operating systems as Windows 2000, 2003 or XP.

  3. Your rights as a consumer include:

    1. The right to a paper record and the right to withdraw consent to continuing e-transactions. To obtain a paper copy of your electronic records or to withdraw consent for the same, please send a signed, written request to:

      Vertafore PLM


      7835 Woodland Drive

      Indianapolis, IN 46278

      No fee will be charged. As a result of withdrawing your consent, your user profile may be inactivated and your current transactions may be suspended or withdrawn.

    2. Your consent to doing business electronically applies to all transactions you undertake or authorize on this site.

    3. Your electronic records will be made available to insurance providers, underwriters and other usual and customary parties as are required to complete business.

    4. To update the information we need to contact you electronically, log-in to the web site and update your registration details with the correct email address.